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Wisconsin Dells Spa Treatment Spotlight: Red Carpet Facial Add On

Add the Red Carpet Add On to any facial to see extra results!

When you choose the Red Carpet Add On for your facial, your skin is in for a treat. This add-on amps up any facial by leaving your skin feeling flawless! Spa Del Sol, our onsite boutique resort spa at Chula Vista Resort, is ready and waiting to provide this and any other treatments to you and your family and friends! Here’s why you should consider the Red Carpet Add on!

Boosts any facial

Deciding to add the Red Carpet Treatment to your facial may very well be the best decision you make all year! Not only will you receive all the benefits from your chosen facial, but you will also see dynamic results that combat tired eyes and wrinkles. How can you say no to that?

Results in minutes

You don’t have to wait long to see results from this amazing treatment! Within minutes you will see visible results including the brightening of dark circles and the de-puffing of tired eyes. But it doesn’t stop there! You will continue to see results for eight hours following your treatment!

Wave goodbye to wrinkles

The Red Carpet treatment will tighten the neck area, rapidly smooth lines and wrinkles and erase expression lines. The line filler will instantly smooth the lines around the mouth!

Leaves your skin glowing

The dynamic products that makes up this treatment will help you leave Spa Del Sol with you skin feeling flawless and radiant. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to feel radiant?

Our Red Carpet Add On is perfect for a night out or if you just want to look your best. Our staff at Spa Del Sol cannot wait to provide this and any other services! Book your appointment day! Make sure to take advantage of the Spa Del Sol Add-on for your stay a Chula Vista Resort.


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