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Top 4 Spa Treatments to Get Before Your Wedding

Planning your wedding requires a lot of steps! You’ve got to find a venue, pick your vendors, pick out a dress and much, much more. Step back from the to-do list of planning your wedding and spend some time focusing on yourself before your big day! 

Spa del Sol at Chula Vista Resort is one of the top-rate boutique spas in Wisconsin Dells. They offer a variety of spa treatments perfect to relax you prior to your wedding-day bliss. Keep reading for our top 5 spa treatments to get before your wedding: 

1. Massage Two-Gether

Enjoy your full-body or customized treatment with a friend or loved one. Grab your soon-to-be spouse or your maid of honor and head to Spa del Sol. This universal and fully customizable massage encourages full-body relaxation. A variety of techniques and ranges of pressure are used to meet specific needs. You can even customize how long you want the massage to run for. If you’re heading between venue tours, dress fittings and more, you can schedule a 25-minute massage. Also, if you have more time, you can schedule up to 80-minutes of massage!

2. Peppermint Foot Therapy

Sometimes, the shoes you wear on your wedding day haven’t been broken-in all the way or they’re simply just not comfortable. Prep your feet for the shoes you have planned for your wedding. Our Peppermint Foot Therapy treatment features a stimulating lower leg and foot massage using a therapeutic mint balm to increase circulation and steam towels are used to wake up tired feet and legs. 

3. Marine Collagen Flower Peptide

Time to focus on the show-stopper of your wedding day! A facial is a great way to get ready for the camera. Our Marine Collagen Flower Peptide rejuvenates your complexion and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Using plant peptides, smart collagen + complex and nutrient-rich algae extracts, this is the facial for you!

4. Arctic Berry Enzyme Peel

This powerhouse peel stimulates collagen, reduces pigmentation and softens acne and inflammation. Choose this treatment leading up to your wedding as it leaves your skin brighter and hydrated with a smooth and firm appearance. 

In addition to providing you the relaxation you need prior to your wedding day, we also have weddings at Chula Vista Resort! Click here for more information about how we make your wedding unique to each couple. 

P.S. Spa del Sol offers bachelorette parties! Visit our website here to get more information about your much-needed girls’ day. 


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