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Tasting the Cheeses of Chula: The Top 4 Cheese Dishes



October is here and we are kicking off National American Cheese Month. Celebrate your favorite American-made cheeses like Swiss, Colby, blue and cheddar cheeses.

Cross off the cheeses of Chula while you celebrate American Cheese month here: 

1. Garbage Salad – Kaminski’s Chop House

Kaminski’s Chop House serves up a classic American-made cheese. With our famous garbage salad, you’ll have the opportunity to add in our customer-favorite blue cheese.

Named after the type of sandstone that forms the caves, St. Pete’s Select is our signature super-premium American blue cheese. Available only in limited quantities, wheels of St. Pete’s are hand-selected during each of the four grading steps, and then cave-aged for over 100 days. The flavor profile of St. Pete’s has been described as, “complex, complicated, yet delightfully intimate.” A deliciously creamy mouthfeel and pronounced piquant sharpness are the hallmark characteristics of this classic American-made blue cheese.

2. Cheese Curds & Pretzels – The Tavern Restaurant

The Tavern Restaurant is a great stop for all cheeseheads! A classic Wisconsin-style pub, The Tavern, offers local Wisconsin cheeses in their appetizers.

You can’t have a tasty cheese excursion in Wisconsin without cheese curds! The Tavern’s curds are golden-brown breaded Wisconsin white cheese curds served with a smoked ranch dressing. You can also stop in for their beer cheese pretzel. It’s a soft, salted pretzel paired with their homemade creamy Wisconsin beer cheese sauce and honey dijon mustard. 

3. The Kilbourn Burger – Kilbourn City Grill

Kilbourn City Grill serves up sports bar entrées, one of their top-sellers being The Kilbourn Burger. This burger is char-grilled to perfection with your choice of American, Swiss, pepper jack or Wisconsin cheddar cheese on a toasted bun. 

4. Wisconsin Grilled Cheese – The Tavern Restaurant

Satisfy your cheese cravings with The Tavern’s Wisconsin grilled cheese. Toasted sourdough bread with aged cheddar and mild Swiss cheese makes this grilled cheese a Tavern favorite. 

5. BONUS! Cheesecake – Kaminski’s Chop House

The staple ingredient for cheesecake is cream cheese – which originated in America. A great way to finish any cheese trip is always cheesecake. Enjoy the best of the best with Kaminski’s New York Cheesecake.


Visit Chula Vista Resort to get a taste of the best American cheese for National American Cheese Month! Make an overnight stay of your cheese-venture here


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