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Chula Vista Green Initiative

Thank you to our guests of Chula Vista Resort who are working with us as we move forward in our goal to achieve our green initiatives.


  • Working with Alliant Energy, Travel Green Wisconsin, & Focus on Energy

Common Areas:

  • Installed separate receptacles for trash and recycling
  • Use an Andover central thermostat monitoring system for all common areas and convention space allowing maximum energy conservation
  • Actively practice nighttime setbacks of thermostats in all unoccupied areas
  • Use eco-friendly chemicals in all areas including housekeeping, all kitchens and back of house areas, laundry, and at Cold Water Canyon
  • Re-use the water in parking lot run-offs for irrigation resort wide
  • LED Exit signs
  • Timers on exterior lighting
  • Overnight security checks of both rooms and common areas


  • Changed-out 275 existing heater/AC units in the North and South towers to newer models offering the highest energy savings available
  • Connected all rooms to a central Jace Panel monitoring system to allow manual override of in-room controls during periods of low occupancy
  • Installed separate receptacles for trash and recycling
  • Eliminated all plastic in the rooms; use biodegradable foam cups and no longer offer bottled water for sale
  • Aerators, shower heads, low-flow toilets
  • Actively practice nighttime setbacks of thermostats in all unoccupied rooms
  • Preparing to convert all guest rooms to compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Converting in-room amenities from self-contained bottles to more efficient dispensers for soap, shampoo, and lotion (150,000 bottles)
  • Will be using in-room media to educate our guests on green practices and the impact it makes on our environment

Market Fresh Buffet/ Kitchens:

  • Converted 100 light bulbs to LED accent lighting
  • Currently recycle all restaurant refuse- cardboard & glass

Pesos O’ Plenty Arcade:

  • Replaced 100 light bulbs with more energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs reducing overall energy costs


  •  Use ultraviolet disinfection in our pools
  • Cover all pool water with solar blankets to retain heat and reduce evaporation overnight
  • Actively practice nighttime setbacks of climate controls in all areas


  • Added a Nutek Ozone Laundry System to our current laundry system that uses less hot water, allowing for 2 of 5 water heaters to be permanently shut down (less rewash, less water overall needed)
  • Also saves annual chemical usage by 30% ($10,500)
  • Utilize both 2nd and 3rd shift staffing levels to lower peak energy costs

Future Opportunities:

  • Water saving devices
  • Wind and solar options for lighting and hot water
  • Heat reclamation for Hot Springs and /or waterparks from laundry
  • Infrared or motion sensors in rooms set to timers for lights and HVAC units
  • Sensors in all corridors and common areas also set to timers for lighting

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