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Wisconsin Dells Boutique Spa

You deserve a little rest and relaxation and we have the spa services that are sure to soothe your senses. All spa services include complimentary chocolate dipped strawberries and champagne, plus full use of the relaxing and rejuvenating Outdoor Hot Springs – a guest favorite!



Swedish Massage 50 min. $100 • 80 min. $140
Full body massage using light to medium pressure to relieve muscle soreness, increase circulation and induce total relaxation.

Short on Time Swedish Massage 25 min. $65
A great way to unwind when short on time. This massage lets you choose where you would like the therapist to focus for your individual stress spots.

Deep Tissue Massage 25 min. $85 • 50 min. $120 • 80 min. $165
Full body massage using a technique that is slower and the pressure is deeper. Concentrated on areas of tension and pain.

Massage Two-Gether
Swedish: 25 min. $130 • 50 min. $200 • 80 min. $280
Deep Tissue: 25 min. $170 • 50 min. $240 • 80 min. $330
Enjoy your full body or customized treatment with a friend or loved one. This universal and fully customizable massage encourages full body relaxation. A variety of techniques and ranges of pressure are used to meet specific needs. Prices are for two people.

Warming River Stone Massage 25 min. $85 • 50 min. $120 • 80 min. $165
Helps melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness and increase circulation and metabolism, promoting deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth, water-heated river stones at key points on the body.

Maternity Massage 25 min. $75 • 50 min. $110
Gentle gliding strokes are applied to the body to soothe away uncomfortable body aches. Available for second and third trimester.

Elevate your experience and add an Aromatherapy Blend to any of the above massages for $7

Specialty Massages

Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage 50 min. $115
NEW! Signature Treatment
This signature Swedish body massage uses essential oils to help you relax, de-stress, rebalance and revive. You’ll experience a full body massage with essential oils while your body is drenched with a blend of warm towels. While cocooned in warmth, a scalp, neck, shoulder and facial massage complete this service.

Golfer’s Massage 50 min. $120 • 80 min. $165
Our golfer’s massage increases flexibility and range of motion, resulting in a fuller swing and less fatigue. Great for pre– or post–golf round, it incorporates a golf ball to help relieve the tightness of the muscles.

Salt Water Therapy Massage 25 min. $70 • 50 min. $105
A tropical massage with notes of lime and coconut body milk, filled with natural oils. Warm herbal infused neck wrap enhances this tropical experience. Light to medium pressure.


Ultimate Foot Massage 25 min. $65
Treat your feet and increase energy flow. Warm river stones are placed gently between the toes ,while a relaxing foot massage helps to relief muscles tension, foot and leg cramps.

Peppermint Hand and Arm Tension Relief 20 min. $60
Energizing treatment combines detailed hand and arm massage with therapeutic Mint Balm containing extracts of peppermint, sunflower oil, avocado oils and rosehip oil to improve circulation, relieve hand and wrist tension and address carpal tunnel syndrome and computer fatigue.

Peppermint Foot Therapy 20 min. $60
A stimulating lower leg and foot massage using therapeutic Mint balm to increase circulation, steam towels are used to wake up tired feet and legs.


Spa del Sol is proud to be an exclusive Eminence Organic Skin Care provider.

Customized Organic Facial 25 min. $65 • 50 min. $90
Our Eminence® Organics Signature Facial is an excellent basic facial for all skin types. Facials are personalized for your skin concerns with active ingredients. Effective for all skin types


Bamboo Age Corrective Facial 50 min. $105
Corrective facial with exotic neroli, hydrating coconut and strengthening bamboo. A natural retinal alternative boosts collagen and swiss green apple stem cells replenish. This treatment includes the Hibiscus Age Corrective Ultra treatment.

Marine Collagen Flower Peptide 50 min. $95
This Is the Facial for You! Rejuvenate your complexion and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with plant peptides, smart collagen + complex, and nutrient rich algae extracts.


Mangosteen Lactic Facial – New! 50 min. $95
The new secret behind picture-perfect skin! A gentle Lactic Acid Complex to help to even out your skin tone and smooth your complexion leaving you with glowing skin. The results glowing skin with primer –like results!


Stone Crop Facial 25 min. $70 • 50 min. $90
Stonecrop is an ultra-hydrating plant that encourages cell regeneration in all skin types. This treatment helps diminish signs of sun damage, calms the skin, normalize and lighten pigmentation spots.


Super-fruit Detoxifying Facial 50 min. $95
Feed nourish and protect your skin with the super-fruits and antioxidants that will detoxify, protect and boost collagen production, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles!

Organic Microderm 50 min. $110
This non-invasive, exfoliating process reduces the appearance of acne scars and combats signs of aging and hyper-pigmentation, all while cleaning clogged pores and bringing back that smooth healthy glow.

25 min. $75 • Ultra upgrade 50 min. $105 (includes two masques)
A relaxing hand, arm and shoulder massage is included in all corrective peels

Arctic Berry Enzyme Peel – 3 Step Award-Winning System
This powerhouse peel stimulates collagen, reduces pigmentation and softens acne and inflammation. Choose this treatment leading up to a special event as it leaves your skin brighter and hydrated with a smooth and firm appearance.

Yam & Pumpkin
Accelerate the exfoliation process with this enzyme peel that removes dead skin cells and reduces the pigmentation, fine lines and sun damage. Skin appears firm and radiant. All skin types except acneic skin.

AHA Fruit Peel
This age corrective acid combination fights the signs of aging deep below the surface. Combines lactic and salicylic acids for a more youthful complexion. Effective for all skin types.

Blueberry Detox Firming Peel
Hydrating, plumping and gentle at the same time, the natural fruit acids proved an invigorating and effective peel to address a wide range of concerns to reveal a healthier appearance. This peel is effective for all skin types from sensitive to hearty.

Add on treatments are available with a combination of any facial or peel service.

Age Corrective Ultra Add-On Treatment $15
Elevate your facial with this Ultra Age corrective advanced instant lift fx treatment. This treatment delivers results in minutes. Just one treatment will leave you feeling and looking red carpet ready.

Rapidly tightens and de-puffs tired eyes
Immediately smoothing for deep and fine lines
Instant firming and lifting for the neck and décolletage

3 Step Lip Treatment $10
Exfoliate and soften your lips. Start with a natural exfoliation to get rid of dry skin on and around the lips. Next a repairing balm that soothes and plumps the lips. Lastly, a silky balm to keep your lips soft.

4 Step Eye Treatment $12
Purley Organic! Treat all eye area concerns. Reduce fine lines, increase elasticity and smoothness instantly; relief for puffy eyes; banish dark circles and signs of fatigue.

A great addition to any Facial service. $10+

Firm Booster: Fight the signs of aging.

Bright Booster: Lighten and prevent pigmentation.

Calm Booster: Naturally calm the appearance of Rosacea and reduce inflammation.

Clear Booster: Clarify skin and ease the signs of acne.



Men’s Custom Organic Facial 25 min. $65 • 50 min. $90
Designed for a man’s skincare needs, includes steam towels, deep cleansing, exfoliates, extractions, facial, neck , shoulder and scalp massage. Effective for all skin types


Teen Facial 25 min. $55 • 50 min. $80
Ages 13-18
Facial Focuses on exfoliation, balancing of the skin and removing impurities and congestion.


Blueberry Bliss Slimming Body Wrap 50 min. $115
A luxurious, antioxidant-rich blueberry exfoliation, your body wrapped in an exotic blend of nutrient rich berries. Your polished skin is then massage with a blueberry soufflé. Leaving your skin with a dewy finish.

Tropical Escape Body Wrap 50 min. $110
Fresh organic fruit acids that gently exfoliate and supply vitamins rich in A,C and E to the body’s skin. Skin will feel refreshed, hydrated and nourished.

Organic Sugar Glow 50 min. $115
Luxurious pear and green apple sweet treat that will leave your skin beautifully soft to the touch. The natural AHA in sugar cane gently exfoliates the entire body to perfection.

Stone Crop Cocoon Wrap 50 min. $110
Envelope yourself with a cocoon of stone crop that heals your body. Stonecrops ancient healing properties helps calm and restore hydration. This treatment is perfect for sun damage or dehydrated, dull skin.

Organic Back Treatment 25 min. $65
Blended with delicious fruits and herbs to detoxify and smooth every inch of the back. A massage with extracts from organic plants boosts hydration and soothes.

Manicures and Pedicures

For all regular polish services, we recommend one hour to dry and four hours to set before entering water.


Pink Signature Manicure 50 min. $65
Includes cuticle and nail care, sugar scrub, moisturizing full hand massage, hydrating mask treatment and finished with your choice of nail polish color.

Pink Mini Manicure 25 min. $45
Includes cuticle and nail care, a moisturizing light hand massage and your choice of nail polish color.

Gel Manicure 25 min. $55
Includes cuticle and nail care, a moisturizing hand massage and your choice of gel polish color.

Signature Gel Manicure 50 min. $65
Includes cuticle and nail care, sugar scrub, moisturizing full hand massage and your choice of gel polish color.


Pink Signature Pedicure 50 min. $75
With this treatment experience cuticle and nail care, followed with a callus treatment, sugar scrub, a moisturizing foot massage and a hydrating mask treatment and finished with choice of nail polish color.

Pink Mini Pedicure 25 min. $55
This service includes cuticle and nail care, sugar scrub, a moisturizing light foot massage and finished with the polish color of your choice.


Gentlemen’s Pedicure 35 min. $60
Relieving foot soak, salt scrub, deep muscle treatment and active massage.

Performance Manicure 25 min. $40
Designed specifically for men, this manicure includes nail shape, cuticle treatments, buff and hydrating massage.


French Polish $10
Polish Change $15
Gel Soak Off $15
Paraffin – Hand $15

Paraffin – Feet $15



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