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Food and Beverage Director

This standard procedure establishes and describes the essential function, authority, duties and responsibilities,
job requirements, and performance criteria of the Food and Beverage Director and Executive Chef for Chula Vista Resort.


The basic function of this position is to oversee the overall operation and administration of the Food and Beverage division and any subordinate departments. Work with profit center managers on menu planning, staffing, profitability, performance and customer satisfaction.


Reports to: General Manager, Board of Directors

Reporting to this position: All Food and Beverage staff and managers


The primary responsibilities and duties of this position consist of, but are not limited to, the following:

• Responsible for the overall administration and operation of all food and beverage outlets and related entities.

• Utilize positive, motivating, and creative communication skills to optimize all management and staff in all departments reporting to this position

• Responsible for recruitment, training, and supervision of all Food and Beverage management.

• Implement cost control measures leading to the highest possible yield and lowest possible food and beverage cost.

• Develop and manage written SOPs with General Manager, Board of Directors, and Ownership to maximize effectiveness and implementation.

• Develop meal plans, daily specials, and promotion efforts

• Create Menu design, layout, and preparation.

• Manage all Food and Beverage related meetings

• Maintain the cleanliness and maintenance of all areas of responsibility to the expectation of the ownership.

• Have constant, up to date, information on all operational department in your control.

• Creatively drive promotion of outlets, food and staff presentation and concept/design of all Food and Beverage areas.

• Working with your direct report and peripheral departments to develop and coordinate the training, hiring, & operational strategies, for each area of your responsibility and to achieve each areas stated goals and objectives.

• Seek and develop new concepts, products, services and resources for each of the areas.

• Semi Annually evaluate each employee based on their performance.

• Working through supervisors reporting to this position, maintain the operational effectiveness of the departmental operations, while delivering superior quality and service at all times.

• Set and ensure compliance with, standards of quality for all products and services offered by this department and all positions reporting to your position. All standards will be consistent with the goals and objectives already established by the resort as a whole.

• Work with Departmental Managers, Board of Directors, and Ownership to Develop the budgets and operational objectives consistent with the goals and objectives developed for each of your areas of responsibility.

• Review each department’s financial status daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Put these reviews into action immediately to increase revenue and minimize costs and expenses.

• Maintain compliance with all legal requirements, codes, cleanliness and sanitation standards.

• Develop the methods for training employees. Work with those supervisors and employees to implement the training methods and procedures.

• Develop and coordinate purchasing departmental supplies and participate in volume buying decisions.

• Safeguard and protect all company assets in your care.

• Make decisions in a timely manner.

• Demonstrate good judgement in investigating and solving problems.

• Safeguard the confidentiality of customer, company and employee information.

• Take all opinions and suggestions under advisement before making decisions of major proportion, while assuming full weight of the decisions themselves.

• Maintain a cooperative working relationship with guests and the entire staff.

• Handle difficult situations tactfully.

• Assure that all personnel under your supervision are evaluated in accordance with established procedure.

• Consistently show the ability to recognize and deal with priorities.

• Meet deadlines for time sensitive activities.

• Recognize both the strengths and the areas that need development in the operational areas of responsibility;

• taking action to augment the one and to offset or correct the other.

• Complete all obligations; do what has been committed.

• Maintain a well groomed, professional appearance appropriate for the position and the situation.

• Perform all other duties that may be deemed appropriate by your chain of command above you.

• Create the highest customer satisfaction possible by insuring you and subordinates provide prompt friendly and quality service.

• Create the highest customer satisfaction possible by proper use of language to guest, subordinates, both in person and on the radios.

• Create the highest customer satisfaction possible by having complete knowledge of areas of your operation.

• Create the highest customer satisfaction possible by having a clean, sanitary, organized work station.

• Make sure that all workers are in uniform

• Make out the daily task & duty list for the staff members

• Manage all staff members discretely. If inconsistencies are uncovered during the normal course of any shift, take the staff members aside and give the proper instruction and necessary corrections to adhere to the standard operating procedures and recipes.

• All disciplinary actions will be dealt with on a timely basis no more than 1 work day after the infraction.

• Always be available to answer questions, provide training, give assistance, and monitor staff performance.

• Maintain and manage an appointment book for departmental appointments, meetings, interviews, and salespersons.

• If your personal signature is placed on the invoice acknowledging accurate receipt of inventory, it is your responsibility that the materials have been received and stored.

• Make out the man hour schedules for the work to be performed.

• Place the necessary orders to the proper vendors to maintain the proper level of inventory needed to make the weekly usages.

• Conduct staff training seminars as necessary.

• Perform any other job related functions as determined by upper management.

• Develop and maintain job retention and staff protection plans to minimize staff turnover and encourage employee tenure. (Don’t let competitors steal our good employees)


Educational Requirements:

Required: High School Diploma

Preferred: Bachelors Degree in Hospitality

Experience Required:

Required: 2 years of Management Experience in Related Field

Preferred: 5 years of Management Experience in Related Field

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

Knowledge of all facets of hotel including guest relations, as they apply to Chula Vista Resort,
is required. The ability to work with other people effectively in a staff position
is important. Must have the ability to think creatively regarding the needs of the resort
and solve problems or seize opportunities as they occur. Must have the ability to clearly define objectives.
The knowledge of training methods and procedures and the ability to implement them are essential.

Physical Requirements:

Body Positions: Sitting, standing for long periods.

Body Movements: Walking, turning head and torso, bending arms, wrists and fingers.

Body Senses: Must have full use of eyes and ears, full power of speech.

Mental Requirements:

Mathematics: Must be able to do routine arithmetic calculations necessary for pricing, margins and
costs. Must have the ability to prepare budgets and interpret financial operating

Language: Must be able to communicate in English, both verbally and in writing, well enough to give
instructions, relay information, and carry on effective interchange with customers, vendors,
company staff.


The person in this role will be deemed to be performing in an acceptable manner when the following have

All duties and responsibilities are performed on time and in a satisfactory manner.

Meets the profitability and cost minimization objectives for the departments reporting to this position while
maintaining a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Treats every guest as the best customer. Therefore, demonstrates tolerance for all guests regardless of
personal views.

Shows leadership, responsibilities, and elevated communication skills as the role-model for entire Food and beverage department, leading by example

Staff is trained to a superior level meeting the resort’s needs.

Safeguards and protects company assets under his or her care.

Effectively and efficiently utilizes manpower under his or her supervision.

Ensures that high quality and service standards are maintained and good business practices are followed
and maintained, including health, safety and professionalism.

Coordinates, works well with and keeps open lines of communications with the other functional positions of
the company.

Company policies and procedures are adhered to by personnel reporting to this position and the work force
morale is high.

Recognizes and performs duties which need to be performed although not directly assigned. Performs all
duties in an independent manner with minimal direction and supervision.


This position will centralize the operational strategies, plans and policies for all subordinate operations
throughout the resort.


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