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Corporate Sales Manager for Golf Outings

Reports to: Director of Sales

Job Objective: To improve the procedural and operational flow of Golf Outing activities, while acting as a sales consultant dedicated to selling golf outings of 16 + and secondary spending on food, beverage and lodging, and other resort offerings through packaging Develop new business as well as build partnerships and long term relationships with corporate business communities in South Central Wisconsin.

Responsibilities and Duties:

• Compilation of target consumers and golf events including:
Family and friends

• Marketing:
Email marketing campaigns; assist in Cold Water Canyon digital newsletter
Trade shows
Direct call/prospect database
PR strategies-positioning

• Maintain a prospecting Database

• Safeguard and protect all company assets

• Make decisions in a timely manner

• Demonstrate good judgment in investigating and solving problems

• Safeguard the confidentiality of customer, company and employee information

• Maintain a cooperative working relationship with guests and the entire staff.

• Handle difficult situations tactfully

• Consistently show the ability to recognize and deal with priorities

• Meet deadlines for time sensitive activities

• Complete all obligations; do what has been committed.

• Maintain a well groomed, professional appearance appropriate for the position
and the situation

• Create the highest customer satisfaction possible by having complete
Knowledge of areas of your operation

• Maintain and manage a flash report detailing departmental
appointments, meetings, business functions and prospecting activity;
report to be submitted to Director of Sales on a weekly basis

Measuring success-attaining revenue goals & objectives:
Establish time lines
Establish measurement of success/failure
Establish requirements for success

Educational Requirements:
Required: High School Diploma
Preferred: Bachelors Degree in hospitality

Experience Requirements:
Required: 10 Years of Sales experience
Preferred: 5 years of Sales experience in Hospitality

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:
Overall knowledge of all facets of hotel including guest relations as they apply to
Chula Vista Resort is required. Must have the ability to think creatively regarding
the needs of the resort and solve problems or seize opportunities as they occur.
Must have the ability to clearly define objectives.

Physical Requirements:
Body Positions: Sitting, standing for long periods.

Body Movements: Walking, turning head and torso, bending arms, wrists and

Body Senses: Must have full use of eyes and ears, full power of speech.

Mental Requirements:
Mathematics: Must have ability to understand budgets and financial operating

Language: Must be able to communicate in English both verbally and in writing
well enough to give instructions, relay information, and carry on effective
interchange with customers, vendors and company staff.

Measurements of Performance:

The person in this role will be deemed to be performing in an acceptable manner when the following have occurred:

All duties and responsibilities are performed on time and in a satisfactory manner.

Meets the profitability and cost minimization objectives for the departments reporting to this position while maintaining a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Treats every guest as the best customer. Demonstrates tolerance for all guests regardless of personal views.

Safeguards and protects company assets under his/her care.

Ensures that high quality and service standards are maintained and good business practices are followed and maintained, including health, safety and professionalism.

Coordinates and works well with and keeps open lines of communications with the other functional positions of the company.

Recognizes and performs duties which need to be performed although not directly assigned. Performs all duties in an independent manner with minimal direction and supervision.


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