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Employee Spotlight Series: Rachel Cordrey

Our Employee Spotlight Series will take you behind the scenes to meet the people who make up Chula Vista Resort. Get to know our amazing team and how they have been a part of the Chula Vista journey.

This segment of our Employee Spotlight will feature our Kids Activities Manager, Rachel Cordrey.

1. What is your position at Chula Vista Resort? How has this position changed since you first started at Chula?

I started working at Chula in 2006 in retail stores. During that time, I worked at the various shops we had, and I also worked for We Proudly Brew Cafe. After three years in the retail stores, I transferred to the spa and worked as a receptionist. After a year in the spa, I got offered a job as distribution in security. This job was unlike the other positions I had taken at Chula. It included dispatching security guards, dealing with emergencies and handling 911 calls, keeping track of money and key handouts and employee injury claims. I stayed in security for eight years until I transferred to my current position, activities manager.

2. Why did you first choose to work for Chula and why do you stay?

I chose Chula initially because they were hiring. I had planned to work here as a filter job until I found something new. However, the longer I worked here, the more I liked it! The people here are so great, and I had made so many friends that I couldn’t leave. Like any job, it has its ups and downs but I have found my niche in my current position. This position as activities manager feels almost as if it’s tailored to me.

3. What is your favorite part about working at Chula Vista Resort?

The people are my favorite part about working at Chula. I have made so many friendships here.

4. What has surprised you most about working here?

When I first started here, it seemed like a huge company but I quickly realized it was a family-run business that truly feels like family. The Kaminski’s make you feel like you are a valued employee, and I was surprised by how approaching they all are.

5. What do you wish other people knew about Chula Vista Resort?

I wish other people knew how fun it can be to work here. There are so many different jobs here and so many opportunities. Like I have learned through working here, at Chula Vista Resort, there’s definitely a position fit for any personality type that will let you leave work happy!

6. What piece of advice would you give to a new employee?

Try not to let yourself get overwhelmed. When you first start working here, it can be intimidating with all the new information that you receive. Just take a step back and a deep breath because it gets better.

7. What accomplishments at work are you most proud of?

Being promoted to supervisor while working in security was great! I am also so proud of how the kids’ activities area is taking shape. It has been so much fun to take on this role and really see it start to form! I would not have been able to do it without the amazing maintenance team we have here on property. They have all been a huge help in laying out my vision for me.


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