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Chula Vista Resort – Donations

Chula Vista Resort supports our neighbors through an active community relations effort focused on children, families and environment. By giving back, we can enrich the lives of others within our communities.

The Donation Committee considers donation requests three times per calendar year; January 1, May 1 and September 1. To be considered, requests must include e-mail addresses, mailing address, 501 c3 status letter, tax ID number, scope of the organization applying, date and details about your initiative and what the donation will be used for. Organizations that qualify may only receive one donation per calendar year. Requests for donations are not guaranteed.

Organizations we support:

  • Located within a 150-mile radius of Wisconsin Dells.
  • Non-profit and able to provide proof of 501 c3 status.
  • Focus on children and families.
  • Raising funds to further support their cause.
  • Make a big impact in their communities.

Organizations we are unable to support:

  • Individuals or individual families.
  • Block parties or individual parties.
  • For-profit organizations.
  • Groups raising money for trips, competitions or equipment for their team, club or activity.
  • Religious groups requesting donations for festivals, bingo events, building funds or other activities that do not directly benefit children.

Items available for donation requests:

  • Waterpark Passes
  • Golf Passes

E-mail donation requests to: donations@chulavistaresort.com

Only e-mail donations will be considered. Please do not mail or call with a donation request.


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