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A Jump Through Time at Chula Vista Resort

The Chula Vista Resort we all know and love has changed tremendously over the last century. Once upon a time, the land where Chula currently stands, as today’s staple Wisconsin Dells Attractions, was the destination for a summer home, overlooking the Wisconsin River. 

In the mid-1800s this summer-home was owned by Blackmore Liquor Company, a company based out of Maryland. Before waterslides and other Wisconsin Dells attractions, women and children would relax and play on the shores of the Wisconsin River. During the Prohibition, the Blackmore Liquor Company transformed the summer-home into a summer resort catering to families for a summer getaway.

Naming the summer home Chula Vista Resort was not a thoughtless change. Chula Vista means “beautiful view” in Spanish, and we can understand why! Chula Vista Resort is nestled perfectly away from the downtown Wisconsin Dells tourists visit today. The scenic views of the Wisconsin River and the serene woodsy scenery has surrounded Chula since the mid-1800s. 

Joe & Vera Kaminski manning Chula’s front desk.

In 1951, Joe & Vera Kaminski began managing the resort. Soon after, in 1953, they purchased the resort. Their dedication to Chula Vista Resort kept guests coming back for more each year. 

Joe & Vera’s son, Fred Kaminski, ran the resort until the mid-1980’s when his son, Mike Kaminski (now Chula’s CEO) joined him in management. Mike continued to grow Chula into what it is today with even more Wisconsin Dells attractions! Chula Vista Resort continues to be a family-owned resort. Mike’s children, Jeff and Krissy, are now the president and vice-president of the resort.

The Kaminski family successfully transformed this once-upon-a-time summer-home to a Wisconsin Dells must-stay resort. Today, Chula Vista Resort stretches over 200,000 square feet of property (AND we’re still growing!) This year we’re currently in the process of renovating our resort to keep alive the tradition of Wisconsin Dells attractions while providing a luxury travel experience you won’t want to miss. 

Stay and experience the history of Wisconsin Dells at Chula Vista Resort today! Our new Bennett Tower honors another Wisconsin Dells’ tradition, H.H. Bennett. Bennett was a famous photographer who helped turn the city of Wisconsin Dells into a major tourist destination. 


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