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3 Reasons to go to a Bridal Show

‘Tis the season for bridal shows!

Bridal shows are happening, and there are so many reasons why brides and grooms should attend! We’ve put together the top three reasons to go to a bridal show when you’re planning a wedding: 

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1. Meeting Vendors

Weddings are made up of so many moving parts, most of those being the vendors you’ll be working with. Bridal shows are a great way to get to know local vendors face-to-face and connect with them! We can’t think of an easier way to check off finding your photographer, caterer, DJ and more than at a bridal show. You’ll save time by getting a one-stop-shop for all the local vendors. 

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2. Getting Ideas

Want a place to see all the latest wedding trends? Bridal shows are your answer. You can see the trending items from decor to flowers and much more all in one place! Many decor rental vendors will even be at these shows, giving you a chance to get information on pricing for decor you might want to rent for your wedding day, but not purchase to keep. 

3. Samples & Freebies

Bridal shows are a great spot to score deals! Not only will you be able to compare packages and pricing for your vendors, but many vendors offer bridal show-only deals! Aside from specials, many vendors will also be giving out samples and freebies. Caterers and bakeries offer free food samples that will leave you feeling full and also knowing who you want to book for your wedding day. 

Chula Vista Resort participates in many bridal shows throughout the year! Check out a list of the below bridal shows that we will be at this year: 

We hope to see you at one of these bridal shows and ultimately, welcome you to Chula Vista Resort for your wedding! 


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