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The Chula Difference

“The Best of Both Worlds”

When you come to Wisconsin Dells, you think water, water, and more water. Water parks, water slides, water rides, and the fun and adventure you can have – you guessed it – in the sun, and in water! Even business or group guests come to the Dells to meet and experience water in some aspect too. (River tours, boat rides, water ski shows)

So, what sets Chula Vista Resort apart from the vast array of waterparks and water attractions? Let us explain!

Recall the moment you arrive back home after visiting Wisconsin Dells, or a similar destination? You are tired, overwhelmed with unpacking and just want peace and quiet and a good night sleep. You need a vacation from your vacation.

Well, at Chula Vista Resort, you can have the “Best of Both Words.” Chula Vista offers over 200,000 sq. ft. and over 2 miles of water slides, rides and water attractions. But, the difference is we also offer you the perfect scenic location set on hundreds of acres on the breathtaking Wisconsin River to be able to relax, unwind, and take that much needed time away from your everyday responsibilities. Here, when you vacation you get the fun and excitement of the water adventures that the Dells tout, plus you also get amazing scenic river views, the beautiful riverwalk, amazing sunrise & sunsets, lush grounds and walking trails, outdoor hot springs, outdoor dining, and amenities that are situated in a setting that allow you to unwind. There is no other place in Wisconsin Dells that you will find the perfect setting backed with the amenities your family and friends want in a full service resort.

Chula Vista Resort also is the only resort to feature over 8 dining options, including the world class dining of Kaminski’s Chop House, which is devoted to the sublime pleasures of hand-cut dry-ages beef, well-chosen wines, and extraordinary service. You can also visit Spa Del Sol, names of one of the best boutique spas in Wisconsin by Milwaukee Magazine for its hydrating body wraps and massages.

As you can see, Chula Vista Resort is truly the only Resort in Wisconsin Dells to offer you the “Best of Both Worlds”: Adventure & Relaxation – two of the most important aspects of a vacation. Come experience the Chula Difference today.