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Maintenance Supervisor

**Full time 2nd shift position.

Empowered to provide a positive impression to guest at the property; giving the guests and clients of Chula Vista the highest level of satisfaction throughout their stay.  Maintenance Supervisor will fulfill the related goals and objectives of the resort while displaying hospitality and professionalism at all times taking pride in representing Chula Vista Resort. Reports to Room Maintenance Manager.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Working with your direct report and peripheral departments to develop and coordinate the training, hiring, & operational strategies, for each area of your responsibility and to achieve each areas stated goals and objectives.


  • Seek and develop new concepts, products, services and resources for each of the areas.


  • Working through supervisors reporting to this position, maintain the operational effectiveness of the departmental operations, while delivering superior quality and service at all times.


  • Set and ensure compliance with, standards of quality for all products and services offered by this department and all positions reporting to your position.  All standards will be consistent with the goals and objectives already established by the resort as a whole.


  • Maintain compliance with all legal requirements, codes, cleanliness and sanitation standards.


  • Develop the methods for training employees.  Work with those supervisors and employees to implement the training methods and procedures.


  • Develop and coordinate purchasing departmental supplies and participate in volume buying decisions.


  • Safeguard the confidentiality of customer, company and employee information.


  • Take all opinions and suggestions under advisement before making decisions of major proportion, while assuming full weight of the decisions themselves.

Job Qualifications:


            Required- High School Diploma


            Required- HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing with minimum of 3 years experience.

Skills, Knowledge, Abilities:

            The ability to work with other people effectively and with other staff positions is important. Must be trainable and take instruction to learn position, and work well without constant supervision. Have a good attitude toward job as well as guests.  

Physical Requirements:

*Must be in good physical condition.

*Must be able to lift and carry at least 40lbs.

Body Positions:

Sitting, standing for an extended period of time.

Body Sense:

Have full use of eyes and ears, full power of speech.

Body Movements:

Walking, turning head and torso, bending arms, wrists, and fingers.

Mental Requirements:


Must be able to do routine math calculations.


Must be able to communicate in English, both verbally and in writing, well enough to give instructions, relay information, and carry on effective interchange with customers, vendors, and company staff.


* Competitive pay

* Variety Health Benefits

* 401K plan

* Employee discounts and Incentives

* Employee of the Month/Year

* Friendly work environment

* Potential for Advancement

Chula Vista Resort is a full-service, year-round, themed conference resort. Chula Vista features approximately 622 guest rooms and suites, over 140,000 Square Feet of flexible meeting and convention space, 4 restaurants, and a number of recreational amenities including an indoor and outdoor waterpark, sand volleyball, and miniature golf. Chula Vista Resort has been independently owned and operated for the past 65 years. We are a stable caring employer dedicated to provide success and growth of our employees within the hospitality and tourism industry.


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