Houseperson - Convention & Event Services

 Our convention and event services team are responsible for the preparation, set-up, and take down of various convention and event functions within the resort.  Convention services staff work within the over 40,000 square feet of flexible meeting space within the resort.  This position requires a strong ability to prepare, set-up, present, and tear-down various facility meeting room space within the resort.  These positions will work with a number of events including, but not limited to: wedding receptions, musical/theatrical productions, general sessions, trade shows, seminars, expositions, conferences, conventions, dances, family reunions, and other meetings and events taking place throughout the resort.  This position will be involved with the replenishing of various meeting rooms facilities including food and beverage break functions.  This position requires the ability to set up tables and chairs, audio-visual equipment, room design and layout, stereo and public address systems, lighting and sound requirements, and other facility management tasks are essential in this position.

 Convention and Event Services staff may utilize equipment including, but not limited to TV’s, VCR’s, Slide Projectors, Overhead Projectors, Microphone and sound board systems, Computer Set-Ups, pipe and drape skirting, exhibit booth set ups, dance floor pods, convention center wall breaks, as well as a wide array of other technical and facility needs.  Qualified candidates should have a strong sense of responsibility and be task-oriented and to be able to be independent to complete projects and tasks as necessary, work within guidelines and deadlines of various event times and schedules to have proper event time management. 

Candidates for this position must be able to lift up to 100 pounds without restriction or with assistance in working with large heavy objects at times.  Candidates must have good body strength and mobility with this position and to stand on their feet for extended periods of time.

Must be able to work day, night, or swing shifts - Including weekends and holidays.