Frequent Fiesta Guest Rewards Program

Frequent Guest Program

Chula Vista Resort is proud to have you join our frequent guest rewards program to become a Frequent Fiesta member. Fiesta cardholders receive points for every dollar spent at the resort. Redeeming points could not be easier! Mention your Frequent Fiesta number when making reservations, and we will help you to start earning special rewards as soon as you can. You will be able to use your Fiesta Points for free overnight stays and room upgrades at Chula Vista Resort.

To join, fill out the application and drop it off at the Chula Vista Resort front desk or mail it to us. After your application is processed, we will mail your Frequent Fiesta card, and you may start accumulating Fiesta points.

Call 800-388-4782 for more information and point specials or email us at Join the program and let the fiesta begin!

Sign up for the Frequent Fiesta Program today and start receiving points for every dollar you spend at Chula Vista Resort!

Apply on-line below and let the fiesta begin!